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Hypnotherapy * Counselling *

*Soul Therapy Specialist * Reiki Master * Past Life Regression

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy * Mastery of the Self Workshops

"VIBING SESSIONS and Visuals -

Aura cleansing/Energy/frequency/ The Law of Attraction/Chakras and more....

 We are SO much more than out physical bodies.  

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are electromagnetic beings with an energy field in the same way the planet has its own electromagnetic field. 

 We are all also vibrating at a frequency. We attract to us things that vibrate on the same frequency we do. Think of it as a radio station with lots of channels from anger/stress/ sadness all the way up to sheer bliss and beyond! We can only access the station that we are in resonance with...if we are stressed we attract things on the stress frequency.. we can only tune in to that station unless we change our own frequency to access a higher one.   

 This is the law of attraction. It is one of the 12 Universal laws.

 In the energy healing sessions I firstly clear any negativity from your energy field or Aura and then begin to direct universal energy to help rebalance the flow of this "life force" energy within you. When your energy field is flowing freely and strongly it can promote healing emotionally and physically and shifts your vibration. 

 When the energy field around you (your aura) is strong you are less prone to others stress. When you then learn to manage your own energy field you find yourself naturally resonating at a higher vibration, a higher frequency , and will feel happier and begin attracting more of what you want in your life rather than what you don't want.  

Ever tried the law of attraction when you've been at a low point in life and given up because it hasn't worked? Thats because you were not resonating with what you desired. You were tuned in to the wrong channel !   

In these sessions we use Visualisation techniques and I also teach you how to work effectively with the law of attraction in your life. At the end of the session I record a guided meditation tailored to what you wish to attract into your life so that you can listen to it every day to keep your vibration on the frequency you desire along with cleansing your energy field of any negativity daily and rebalancing your Chakras, the energy vortexes that direct the flow of energy.

The language of the universe is images and symbols so using visualisations add another layer to the power that lies within you to create the life you choose.

With this kind of daily practice you are in a position to begin making changes in your life and attracting what it is you want rather than what you don't want. For more details please contact me. 

There is so much to learn within this field its impossible to put into words here but if you are keen to explore more than your physical self and understand more of your true spiritual self there is plenty of scope and learning to be had.

The sessions last 90 mins and cost £60 

If you would like to know more or would like to book an appointment please either tel. 07967 806099 or fill in the form and I will get back to you promptly.  

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Tel. 07967 806099